USA Rugby Weekly Registration 

Part 1: Set up your RX profile (some may have already done this)

Video Walkthrough HERE (*MarComms%20Master/Philanthropy%20%26%20Membership/Videos/RX%20Launch%20and%20Info?preview=Set+Up+Member+Profile.mp4)

    1    Go to (

    2    Enter in your personal email (NOT an admin/general email)

    3    You may see “You don't have a Rugby ID,” not to worry as once you enter more details the system will be able to pair you with your imported profile 

    4    Select sign me up, and you will be redirected to enter in your personal details

    5    MAKE SURE that USAR National is selected and not Rugby Australia 

    1    If you see  “We have found some profiles that might be you!” Please select your profile and click continue.

    6    You will be redirected to the Rugby Xplorer profile homepage 

Part 2: Register as Senior/College Player (Weekly Membership)

Video Walkthrough HERE (*MarComms%20Master/Philanthropy%20%26%20Membership/Videos/RX%20Launch%20and%20Info?preview=How+To+Register.mp4)

  1    Login to your profile ( (created using the steps above)

  2    Select Register in the upper left hand corner

  3    Go to find a club, select your profile, and select next

  4    Search “At Large” (select At Large Senior Club/College) and select next

  5    Choose the following options - Player, Senior Club/College, Weekly

 6    Confirm all your personal information is correct

 7    Upload a profile photo (or skip)

 8    Confirm all additional personal details are correct

9    Update your emergency contact information 

10    Review your Registration Summary (should be $15.59)

11    Agree to the terms and conditions 

12    Select Pay $15.59